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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Panels are effective on roofs facing South, SE, or SW. While optimal performance is achieved with a South-facing orientation, panels facing due East or West still maintain efficiency at around 86% compared to South-facing panels.

No, Solar Panels operate in daylight conditions and perform best at around 10ºC. High temperatures can reduce efficiency, making moderate temperatures optimal.

Solar Panels can be installed on roofs or land. An 8-panel Solar PV system, among our smaller recommendations, easily fits on an average 3-bedroom semi-detached roof. The high energy output of our popular SunPower panels compensates for limited roof area.

Yes, we offer 25 year warranties for our panels

Panels typically endure for at least 25 years

Panels angled over 15 degrees are self-cleaning. Yearly visual inspection and rinsing if needed is recommended. Professional window-cleaning services can assist.

Residential installations typically take a day with minimal disruption. The setup involves erecting scaffolding a couple of days in advance, panel and inverter installation, and internal wiring.

Our installation ensures secure attachment using roof hooks and rails. Panels are positioned at least 30cm from the roof edge to prevent wind-related issues.