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Solar Edge

The SolarEdge inverter system is one of the most advanced in the world. Where SolarEdge is required, it offers a host of additional features, excellent warranties, and a considerable improvement in performance. SolarEdge can generate up to 25% more power in sub optimal systems.

What SolarEdge does not do however is produce a vast performance improvement in systems without shading issues, or where vastly different numbers of panels face in different directions, or where panels face in three or more directions.

Roughly 10% of systems require a wired in parallel solution such as SolarEdge, this product is regularly miss sold in the UK. If you would like SolarEdge installed we would be happy to do so as SolarEdge accredited installers.

You can find out more information on SolarEdge in the videos below, or by asking the surveyor at your initial survey.

Approved installer

Green Solar World are proud approved installator for Solar Edge System

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