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Battery Storage

Embrace battery-powered living for your home

Refuel your home battery using free or affordable energy resources

Opt for off-peak grid rates or tap into renewable energy alternatives

Seamlessly transition to battery power during peak energy cost periods

Experience the advantages of home battery storage

Solar Batteries Cambridge

Benefits of home battery storage

Slash your home's CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener plane

Significantly lower your energy bills, saving you money in the long run.

Safeguard your energy supply from disruptions and power outages.

Seamlessly integrate with smart tariffs to continuously reduce costs.

Enjoy affordable energy round-the-clock, day and night.

Maximise the returns on your renewable energy investments.

Enhance your resilience and reduce dependence on the grid.

Monitor your spending and savings in real-time for better financial control.

Meet the solution transforming home battery storage

PV Solar Batteries

Intelligent home battery storage

Experience the convenience of intelligent connectivity with simple, user-friendly operation.

Build your custom battery storage system

Four common configurations

libbi 5kWh Systemlibbi 10kWh Systemlibbi 15kWh Systemlibbi 20kWh System
1 x 3.68kW Inverter
1 x 5kWh Battery module
1 x Controller
5kW Inverter
2 x 5kWh Battery modules
1 x Controller
1 x 5kW Inverter
3 x 5kWh Battery modules
1 x Controller
1 x 5kW Inverter
4 x 5kWh Battery modules
1 x Controller