Solar Farms Ground Maintenance and Modules Cleaning

Ground Maintenance

Green Solar World Ltd offer a complete ground maintenance service for solar PV parks across the UK. We carry out professional grass cutting and hedge trimming for medium and large scale solar parks.

Regular grass cutting prevents shading along the bottom edges of solar panels which results in a drop in output. These activities are generally undertaken twice a year during the summer months.


Solar Modules Cleaning

If you own or manage a solar farm, you'll be interested in keeping the modules as efficient as possible. Dirty solar panels operate up to 30% less efficiently. Green Solar World Ltd will help you to establish a regular and cost-effective cleaning plan for your solar park.

Solar farms are subjected to many different pollutants like bird droppings, seeds & pollen, dust or pesticides. If the glass covering solar cells is dirty the amount of sunlight reaching the cells is limited. The projected energy figures claimed by solar panel manufacturers are based on the optimum performance of clean solar panels. In order to maintain peak performance, it is essential that solar PV modules be cleaned regularly to remove the layer of dirt as the grater the intensity of the sunlight reaching the PV cells, the more effective the panels will be and the higher the return on your investment will be.

Please, email us on or phone us on 01638 428 974 to find out how we can help you maintain your solar PV panels.

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