Solar entergy in nutshell


The Sun is the Earth’s most cost effective power source. The amount of energy received from the Sun in only one hour is more than the whole population of the world could use in one year. Yet solar power amounts currently only 0.04% of the world’s energy.

So why is it taking so long to become the preferred energy source? Here are the main reasons:

  1. The amount of energy collected from a solar panel is relatively lower per sq m than the energy created through the use of traditional fuels like coal or gas.

  2. Solar technology, perceived as novelty, is still relatively more expensive to set up compared to coal-fired power plants.

  3. Also most people would rather pay less now, rather than invest into something that would pay off years to come.

On more positive note, governments are offering help in order to encourage and increase the use of solar panels in homes and businesses. More information on grants and subsidies can be found on

Did you know...

To power the average sized home completely with solar power you’d need a solar panel 7.3x3meters. this would provide 2000watts of electricity. Each month this solar panel would:

Prevent 130 kg CO2 from entering the atmosphere when coal is used to create energy

replace power generated by 70kg of coal

save 400l of water that is used to mine and process coal

manufacturing solar panels produces up to 90% less pollutants than conventional fossil fuel technologies

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