Solar energy - the choice of the future


Until very recently, solar power was a little niche industry in the broad field of energy generation. Initially seen as an expensive fix, it quickly - almost literally - gained ground and through associated benefits started to appeal to an increasing number of homeowners and businesses alike. Now, the Mighty Solar is making strides in which it will challenge other types of energy.

Rightly so, since there a numerous benefits to consider.

According to the Energy Saving Trust ( ), a typical 4kWp system can knock off around £70 from a family’s bills annually.

The government operates a feed-in tariff scheme which enables to pay those, who invested into green energy sources for all the energy generated - regardless of whether they use it or not. The current rate is 4.11 p/kWh and is paid via an energy supplier. A typical home can earn around £150 per year under the feed-in tariff.

Under another tariff called export tariff, a household can receive payment for any surplus energy that they do not use, which is then sent back to the grid. calculates that on average, a household can earn ca. £85 per year through the export tariff.

Solar energy cells generally require very little maintenance and run for a long time. If required, more panels may be added after some time. Although the initial cost of installation may still be considered as steep, in a long time all the incurred installation fees will be recovered through the savings and the tariff payouts combined.

Solar panels on the roof of a large bungalow near Cambridge

Solar panels on the roof of a large bungalow near Cambridge

Last but not least, renewable energy sources do not release any harmful gases or other pollutants into the air. A typical home solar PV system could save nearly two tonnes of carbon per year.

Green Solar energy specialist will be happy to discuss your energy needs.

Solar panels on the roof of a large house near Cambridge

Solar panels on the roof of a large house near Cambridge

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