How can solar benefit You?


Rising energy prices cause concern amongst homeowners and many are looking for a way to reduce their monthly bills. Solar panels are a technology backed by the government and offer a way to generate environmentally friendly energy, whilst reducing your bills throughout the year and earning you a fixed income.

Solar panels (also known as PV cells) are mounted on your rooftop. The cells generate electricity by capturing natural daylight. An electrical field is created, which is then converted into power for use in the home. Using the Feed-in Tariff scheme you can earn up to 15.44p/kWh for every unit of renewable electricity you produce, which has the government guarantee of 20 years (if installed before May 1).

Any surplus electricity produced by the panels can also be exported back to the grid, so even more can be earned for the power generated. Of course, with solar panels you won't be paying for electricity either, giving you the opportunity to reduce bills by up to 50%.

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