Heat pumps – pros and cons


We often get asked about the effectiveness of the systems we install. Solar panels already have quite a wide coverage in the media and public knowledge of how they operate and what their benefits are is becoming increasingly popular. Things are a bit different when it comes to heat pumps.

Heat pumps can help consumers save in bills but they have their limitations. Their effectiveness gets affected by the outside temperature therefore they might not make the best match for colder climate homes. By cold I mean outdoor air temperature falling near of below freezing on a regular basis. This happens because moving heat from a cold area to a hotter one requires more energy than moving heat between two areas of a moderate temperature difference.

Innovators are currently working to improve this feature of heat pumps but it might still take a while before we will see them in our homes. It is important to note that even in a cold climate, there is still heat outside to be pumped indoors but it requires the system to work harder, possibly with an extra energy source, to extract heat available.

Another thing about the heat pump systems is that the actual heat produced is milder than the one generated by more traditional furnace. On the plus side however, distribution of heat by pumps happens evenly hence avoiding occurrence of cold spots.

Before installing a heat pump you need to decide on the type of supplemental or back up heating you may need to use in case your heat pump does not work sufficiently enough. Many heat pumps use additional electrical heating; other alternatives are also an option. Looking at dehumidifying properties, ground source heat pumps work better in this respect than normal air conditioners. If you have any dehumidifying needs therefore, you may want to take it into account.

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