Green Energy Collective December 2016

Bungalow house near Cambridge with a set of solar panels installed by Green Solar World

Solar panels incorporated into car roofs

Article from Tim Wilkeson, about the revolution in the car manufacturing industry. Read about few different ways that car manufacturers (Ford, Toyota, Nissan) use to integrate their cars with solar panels Read more

For the first time, solar panels are cheaper than fossil fuels

According to World Economic Forum (WFE), 2016 has been the first year when installing solar panels turns out to be cheaper than an investment into other energy options (such as natural gas or coal). Read more

The world's first road with embedded solar panels

Saving real estate in France by "reusing" the existing infrastructure. Read about the word's first, 1-kilometre long road with embedded 2,800 m2 heavy duty solar panels Read more

About Green Solar World

Green Solar World, located in Cambridge and working throughout the East of England, an MCS approved installer, a Quality Assured National Warranties member, a Renewable Energy Consumer Code member and a National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers member.

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