Green Energy Collective September 2017


Explore reasons why you should install solar panels, read about solar panels that roll out like carpets, check out buses in Hong Kong with roof mounted solar panels and find out what happened to those affected by hurricane Irma.

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Green Energy Collective August 2017


Read about Greek island Tilos, a survey across 1,000 solar panel owners and find out how much money you can save by installing solar panels and electricity storage mechanisms.

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Green Energy Collective June 2017


Read about how solar panels in Germany transform home life and offering energy independence, future plans in South Korea and new generation of solar panels that produce water out of air.

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Green Energy Collective May 2017


Read about Smartflower, the world's first all-in-one solar system, new solar related law in France, vertical forests in China and climate-friendly plans in India.

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Solar energy - the choice of the future


Until very recently, solar power was a little niche industry in the broad field of energy generation. Initially seen as an expensive fib, it quickly - almost literally - gained ground and through associated benefits started to appeal to an increasing number of homeowners and businesses alike. Now, the Mighty Solar is making strides in which it will challenge other types of energy.

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Large set of solar panels installed by Green Solar World over a detached house near Cambridge

Green Energy Collective March 2017


Read about Tesla’s solar roof tiles, new solar plant in Dubai and latest bus stop designs with Wi-Fi, phone chargers and digital screens all powered by solar panels.

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